Long Drive…

He tried and tried but was not able to get time on their anniversary. She had made plans but was not able to execute it. But were together for daylong but the plan was not executed due to some or the other reasons. But the next day both went on a long drive, it was a unplanned ride.

Drives always sort things out, they talked a lot, they made each other fall for each other again. there was love everywhere. The drive went on and on till the place she decided to go on their anniversary. They talked about everything they had in their mind.

Its truly said that if you love each other madly then u can celebrate everyday, and that’s what they were doing. Each day the best day. Each day had something to celebrate, Each day was special.

love as much as you can because sitting and regretting later will only give you pain. cherish every moment with your loved once, create moments, capture moments, love moments, make life. Because life is all about living and not regretting.


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