Smile :)

Always remember to smile, no matter what happen always remember to smile. Your smile defines you. Your smile can make others feel good. Just one smile can be pull others from their bad day to a good one. If we can’t help them all we can do is we can smile and make them believe that there is still a hope don’t loose hope, your time will also come.

If people can be so cruel to make some loose their smile you can be the hope for such people that there still exists something that can kill all the hate, fear, anger and one this is called SMILE.

Spread SMILE, someday when you don’t  feel like smiling someone to whom you taught smiling will come and teach you how to smile, and even though no one arrives for you, you will find your SMILE remembering that you gave the best gift to someone who lost it and that was a SMILE.

Spreading hate is very simple but SMILE is what defines you. If you put a smile on the face of even just one person everyday the peace you will get can’t be compared to anything else…..


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