The meeting…

The meeting, the feeling, the goosebumps, the butterflies in stomach i am sure we all get all this when we meet our special once. But i don’t know how but i get this feeling every time i meet my special one. Her touch, her smell, her smile, her hairs, her everything just gives the same feeling every time i see her.

I guess the time is at fault as it passed fast like anything. But the memories that are made every time we meet are just so precious that we really thank time for bringing us both close again.

Make the full use of whatever time you are getting with your loved once because this time will never come back. Make full utilization of that time and just smile, live moments, create moments, capture moments, live life you wanted to live with them because when you can’t meet them it will this moments that will always put a smile on your face. That smile will always be the prettiest when you smile remembering THEM.

Do what ever you can to make them happy because ultimately seeing them happy will make you happy and thats what love is all about. Tenacity, passion, all will work just keep them in mind and do things.

i love her….


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