There is a pinch of sadness in everyday at some moment in our life. The things that we never imagined would happen but they happens, things that went in a wrong way and you were not expecting it, things you wanted to say to someone but you didn’t… and the list goes on. We all have such moments in our life. but sometimes when there are such phase is going on in our life all we need to do is have patience because there is going to be the day when everything will carry out as u wanted, as you expected. Till then have patience and move ahead in life. Give time some time.

Sadness will eventually subside but what is with you is your personality, don’t ever let that go way. Be as you are because that defines you. phases will come and go. you are braver than you thought, put your head up and face the things because only you can face what is coming in your life others don’t have that much courage that’s why its coming only in your life n not their’s.


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